Guide for Free Events

All our events at The Walnuts are FREE to attend.

To take part in activities, we may ask you to complete a datacard with your email details, to be registered to receive our occasional newsletters.  You can view our privacy policy (GDPR) on our home page. We do not share or sell your information to any other party. You can of course also opt out at any time. You may then collect a wristband (if being used) from us and enjoy your day.

Please note that it may be necessary to limit numbers at some events and there is a limit of 4 participant tickets per family.

During our events, photos may be taken. Should we wish to use a photo for our social media we will of course ask the attending parent/guardian for Permission. Group photographs may also be taken during an event. If you see a member of our team and would prefer for your photo not to be used please tell them and they will delete it immediately.

We will never knowingly take a photo of any child if we have been asked not to photograph them. If you decide, after the event, that  you do not wish to see your child on our social media then of course we will respect your wishes and delete any taken or posted as soon as is practicable. Please contact with your request and this will be dealt with.

If no objection is made participants agree we may use event photos for PR and marketing activities on our social media platforms and/or website.

We hope you enjoy our events and welcome any feedback.

D2 Interactive